warmmodern speaks to environments that are efficient—while still being inviting, comfortable, and rich in ambience as well the delivery of modernism in a caring manner.

warmmodern living: an independent Lindal Cedar Homes representative
Bellevue, Washington and New York City

#1 Lindal dealer worldwide 2018
Lindal's 2014 #1 US dealer; 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 President's Club

I founded warmmodern living in 2010 in order to work directly with Lindal clients in Seattle and New York City to assist them in creating and building homes that reflect their personal lifestyles while being inextricably married to their natural environments. As an independent Lindal dealer and an architect by training, my mission is to deliver both process and end product that are the embodiment of warmmodern living. 

Personalized homes for a lifetime, designed through an efficient and caring process, built by experts on- time and on-budget, and are a joy to live in. I believe that no one can provide that better than Lindal Cedar Homes and warmmodern living.

Modernism is not a style, but rather an attitude. And at the very heart of modernism is efficiency. The efficient use of material, space, energy, and human resources: labor, time, and financial resources. 

In 2007, while CEO of Lindal Cedar Homes, I coined the expression warmmodern, referring to the mission of the New Lindal and the metric by which we measure all we do in providing valued clients’ residences that are efficient while still being comfortable and radiant. And delivering them in a caring personalized manner.