While every client is unique, all aspiring clients share four fears:

  1. You won’t create a design you love;
  2. Even if you do, you won't be able to afford it;
  3.  Even if you can, the quality of the built reality will not meet your expectations: and
  4. The process of planning and building will require too much of your already overcommitted time.

 It all comes down to predictability ...  or the lack thereof.

Design flexibility and personalization do not require the loss of predictability.

Lindal Cedar Homes and warmmodern living provide clients a planning process and product that celebrate individuality without losing sight of the need for predictability.  Each design is created and refined through an iterative design process, and every iteration will be followed by a detailed warmmodern living estimate for the completed home.  Each time you make changes, you will understand  how those changes will impact cost.

 Come explore how we overcome the ”four fears” and provide you with the home of a lifetime.