Do recall the teaser, “Which weighs more… a pound of sand or a pound of feathers?”

Here’s another brainteaser but without an obvious answer:  “How much do your homes cost?”  The answer is that “We design houses to fit our clients budgets,” and that is the simple truth.

The not- so- simple truth is that our recent projects have run the gamut from $225 per square foot to over $350 per square foot. The sweet spot is about $260 per square foot. The range on eastern Long Island is $325 to over $400 per square foot.

These figures are for a completed house, with the exception of:

  • Permits
  • Site preparation, such as septic and well, hook up to municipal utilities, driveway, and excavation (the foundation, however, IS included in the quoted costs).
  • Landscaping and speciality items, such as swimming pools, oversized garages, and decks that are greater than the equivalent of 15% of the interior living area.
  • State and local sales taxes on the Lindal materials, and in the state of Washington all the materials and labor provided by the builder.

The factors that affect cost are numerous:

  1. The efficiency of the structure.   A one-level rambler has more surface area and more foundation than a comparably sized two-level house and therefore requires more material and labor to construct. 
  2. The Lindal specs you select.  The baseline Lindal spec is of unusually high quality, and almost every Lindal component has optional substitutes that add or reduce cost. For Example, vinyl windows cost less than the standard cedar windows while aluminum clad windows cost more. Clear cedar siding costs more than the standard cedar with tight knots, while cementboard or corrugated steel siding costs less.
  3. Local on-site labor costs, site development, and permitting costs.
  4. The finishes and amenities you select.  A two-story masonry chimney mass may cost $30,000 (call that $10/SF in a 3000 square foot house). A Professional grade six- burner range adds another $20,000 ($6.66/SF); a three-car garage adds $1.50/SF to the overall cost; radiant heat throughout adds another $3.50/SF.  In Suffolk County, Long Island, the requirement of 125 mph impact- rated windows sometimes adds $20/SF to the overall cost.

The only valid way to estimate cost is for us to know you, to understand the overall design concept and to explore the level of finish you plan in many important areas. Our methodology is to understand you and to guide the process and your decisions to an on-budget conclusion.

Warmmodern Living provides clients detailed estimates with every iteration of design. As each design evolves, estimates are refined.  Every Warmmodern Living estimate contains three key elements:

  1. The Lindal components and options.  We typically attach a written spec.
  2. The cost of on-site and locally provided materials and systems required to construct and finish the house.  Recent project costs and estimates from local builders inform this section.  
  3. Allowances (budgets) for important finishes, such as: 
    a.    Plumbing fixtures and fittings
    b.    Cabinets and vanities
    c.     Countertops
    d.    Appliances
    e.    Finished flooring
    f.      Lighting   
    g.    Amenities such as fireplaces, home elevators, etc

We consider your budget our most important client. If we don’t meet it, we’ve wasted your time and ours.  If you add bells and whistles we’ll estimate their costs upfront.  If we need to reduce cost, we'll guide you with appropriate suggestions.  We are uniquely diligent in this area.

Every successful project requires a systematic approach and ongoing local service and guidance; don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. We’ll put our architectural training and expertise plus four decades of systems building experience to work for you. We’ll get to know you and your site, sit at your kitchen table, and be your local experts.