The Lindal /Warmmodern Living planning process provides clients the opportunity to create truly personalized one-of-a-kind homes in a manner that makes efficient use of material, energy, human and financial resources. 

Phase I: Getting Started – Conceptual Design

Before you commit, let’s explore. 

  • Site Visit and Analysis  Let’s walk your site and discuss how the path of the sun, the prevailing winds, the topography, the existing vegetation, and, yes, the views, all should contribute to shaping your new home.
  • Conceptual Design   Lets talk about your lifestyle and how it may change in the foreseeable future. And let’s talk candidly about your budget. Let us show you how these factors and your site might be “heard” with an initial design concept.
  • Perpetual Estimating  Every time we draw, we estimate. Your initial design concept will be accompanied by a written estimate.   

Phase II: Design Development

The initial exploration will help us both understand if further collaboration will result in success. Going further requires a modest investment of time and money (Ask how much, and be surprised!).

  • Design Development  With our input, the Lindal Design Team will produce preliminary designs, including floor plans and elevations, typically requiring only a week or two! From that we will update our estimate of cost, and that will include:
  • Material Specifications  From an enormous palette of Lindal material choices, we’ll create a material spec that suits you, your site and your budget. Cedar windows, corrugated steel siding, and a 125 mph wind speed design criteria … no problem!
  • Construction Specifications  We’ll create a construction spec of locally provided labor and systems. Your estimate will include the right kind of heat and the proper level of insulation for your region, estimated by one or more qualified local builders.

Phase III: Pre Construction Through Finish

At this point, you should be comfortable with the design that has evolved and its cost. When you sign the order for your Lindal kit:

  • Construction Drawings and Engineering  Your design will be developed into a set of construction drawings (30 to 40 pages) detailing the assembly of the Lindal materials. The CDs will be reviewed and stamped by a structural engineer licensed in your site state.   
  • Builder Selection   Select a builder whose working style, quality, pricing and availability suit you. In all likelihood, warmmodern living will offer an experienced local builder for you to consider. We also work with first-time Lindal builders who do great work every year. We’ll facilitate the bidding and selection process. The choice is yours.
  • Exterior Pre-finish and Interior Trim Selection  Match your house color to your rocky ledge or the color of your dog. Many Lindal exterior materials are delivered pre-finished for enduring quality.  Warmmodern living will work with you and Lindal's extraordinary pre-finisher to select and provide samples of the colors you select on the specific materials you'll receive. Choose from hundreds of exterior and interior door styles, numerous hardware styles and finishes, proprietary Lindal interior trim and railing styles, and more to further personalize your Lindal.
  • Construction-Related Services  Lindal provides full-time service experts who will answer your builder's questions, and resolve any issues or material claims. Warmmodern living will be your and their on-site eyes and ears for quick response and resolution. We provide the experience required to assist you locally and the backing of an industry leader.

Optional Services 

  • 3-D Imaging and Modeling  Renderings (like those in the site’s current project area) solar studies, and other 3D modeling services are available to help clients understand their designs.
  • Interior Finish Selections  For clients who lack the time or inclination to make finish selections, engage us to organize and recommend those selections; countertops, cabinets, tile, flooring, plumbing fixtures and fittings, lighting, and interior color palettes whose costs fall within the allowances we’ve established.