The Lindal building system offers enormous design flexibility and a broad range of material choices. Our building system, a time tested post and beam kit, enables genuine personalization without sacrificing predictability.

Think of the Lindal building system as a set of TinkerToys ™. Each part is predefined. Its strength; how it connects to other components; its price; and which other components can be substituted for greater structural strength or client preference. 

Like Tinker Toys ™, the building system enables for an infinite array of designs. And each design is created of components that can easily be interchanged with others without losing sight of cost, appearance, or structural capability. 

We don’t subscribe to the unrealized promise that a factory-produced box -built from a limited range of materials, restricted in form and size by highway travel - provides a less costly or better custom home. Our clients require more personalized home designs…. and better value.