Two Views for Two Converging Ravines

Kirkland, WA   |   2500 Square Feet

A small patch of level ground at the convergence of two ravines becomes the welcoming entry courtyard enclosed by the L-shaped design and the only landscaped area on this shadowy site. Two spectacular views, one to the south from the floating entry and another to the west from every room in the free-flowing interior. Deep roof overhangs extend beyond parapet walls to shade the south and west elevations and to create havens from the elements at the entry and garage, covered deck. A gently sloping roof rises above the roofscape over the living room and den, drawing the eye up to the treetops in a view that began far below at the verdant forest floor.

This custom Warmmodern Living design has been selected for inclusion in the Lindal Elements design portfolio as the Polaris 2568. See pages 56-57 for the floor plans and other information on this popular design.