The Preeminent Prefab

The term prefab is a catchall for all system built houses that are manufactured to some degree in a factory.  The primary system types are kit houses, panelized homes, and modular houses.

The Lindal building system is a post and beam kit and offers the greatest degree of design flexibility, the efficient use of material and human resources, and the greatest shipping efficiency. The Lindal system includes those materials that are assembled to create a weather-tight shell. On the inside, we provide finely detailed wood components –  the exposed structural beams, fine woods to line the roof or ceiling surfaces interior partitions, interior trim systems, doors, stair and rail systems.

Lindal materials are legendary in quality – made of architectural grade western red cedar, Douglas fir, and other western woods. These woods offer an incomparable combination of strength, enduring dimensional stability, and beauty. In the Lindal system, the components are carefully detailed to join beautifully with each other.

Lindal does not provide materials that are readily available locally:  HVAC systems, electrical wiring, sheetrock, appliances, floor coverings cabinets, countertops, plumbing and light fixtures.  Why limit your choices and add substantial shipping cost?  Likewise,we will assist you in selecting a local general contactor, who will manage skilled local tradespeople, build competitively, and provide ongoing service after you occupy your home.


Lindal is the preeminent prefab, the only building system that is all of these:


Continuous improvement, learning from over 50,000 projects worldwide. A product team of seasoned designers, engineers, green professionals who actively participate in industry initiatives and conduct ongoing research and development.


Like a set of Tinkertoys, ours is a kit of predesigned parts that can be assembled into an infinite array of designs.  Traditional and modern forms brought to life with varied finish options. Our goal is to marry each house to its building site and to personalize each design to inspire the homeowners’ lifestyle. Every Lindal is truly a custom home.


The Lindal design and building systems optimize resource efficiency. Reduced drafting and engineering time; the efficient use of material and assembly labor; reduced material waste and energy consumption; reduced delivery cost; and efficient use of clients’ time and financial resources. We take a holistic approach to efficiency.


Using cost as a design tool, I create each client's home with the budget firmly in mind. By providing detailed estimates with every iteration of the design, I control cost and eliminate ugly surprises by preventing houses from evolving out of budget.


The Lindal product maximizes the use of sustainable materials by using superior quality engineered components and systematically reducing waste and the quantity of material consumed.


The rugged post and beam system, assembled with time-tested details earn the industry's only lifetime structural warranty and create lifestyle environments lifetimes of flexible and comfortable living.

Warm and Comfortable 

Bathed in sunlight admitted through walls of properly oriented glass, the radiance of the post and beam system, cedar ceilings, and trim throughout, beautifully finished and joined with time-tested details  Inviting, relaxed, warm, and comfortable.


As my client, you will receive caring personalized service. I will make yours an efficient and enjoyable Lindal Experience with a fabulous result. That’s my joy.