Current Projects

Current warmmodern living projects highlight the variety of design programs, budgets, and architectural solutions I create with my clients. While some clients prefer to personalize a pre-planned Lindal design, these are original custom designs. Each has been created through a timely and resource-efficient process that maintains the client’s awareness and control of cost from start to finish. Together they illustrate the flexibility of the Lindal building system and my ability to create great designs for great clients. Click on a photo to read more about a specific project.


A Family Retreat at the Water's Edge

San Juan Island, WA  |  2200 Square Feet Main House + 1000 Square Feet Bunk House

In the 1980’s our client couple, then in their thirties, purchased a 1200 square foot beach house on San Juan Island in Puget Sound. Two hours from Seattle by car and ferry, the house quickly became the nearly weekly retreat for cherished family time for the parents and their two young sons.  Today, this family circle has grown from four to thirteen members, including seven grandchildren. Members of their extended family often join in the cherished weekend rituals. The family has long outgrown the original two-bedroom cottage.

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A Modern Suburban Treetop Nest

New Haven, CT  |  2000 Square Feet

Designed to perch inconspicuously on a steep hillside with a water view, this modern design is supported by a long stone wall on the uphill side and concrete piers on the downhill side.

Clad in charcoal grey steel with vertical ribs with aluminum clad windows of the same color, the house will quietly take its place on the wooded slope, barely visible from the road below.

In contrast, the interior will glow warmly with Lindal’s beautifully crafted Douglas fir beams and clear cedar liner with furniture-quality lacquer finish.

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A Classic Lodge Updated

Langley, WA   |   3700 Square Feet

The Lakeshore Lodge, a stately home that has graced the cover of Lindal Living Dreams planbook for over decade. On its exterior, the lodge successfully combines several traditional roof forms into a handsome singular design that is at home on a rugged mountainside or a manicured fairway view site.

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This Warmmodern Living custom design has been chosen for inclusion in the Lindal Elements catalog as a pre-planned design, the Creekside Lodge 3730.

A Modern Barn

Monroe, WA   |   2600 Square Feet

Modern Barns are particularly appropriate in agrarian communities. A barn form honors that tradition, while housing very modern lifestyles.

This modern barn in a rural community east of Seattle sits on a gently sloping pond-view site. The recently married clients plan their first home together. Their mission is to create a warm and relaxing home, filled with light and interest, efficient in initial and operating costs.

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This Warmmodern Living custom design has been chosen for inclusion in the Lindal Elements catalog as a pre-planned design, the Juniper 2645.

Ascending Treehouses

Sammimish, WA  |  3300 Square Feet

A heavily wooded site one street removed - and 100 feet above - a peaceful lake. When we first visited the site and looked up from the street below, the image of clustered treehouses came to mind, and the client agreed.

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An Addition Designed for Entertaining

Southampton, New York  |  2400 Square Feet

An unassuming circa 1980 summer home in New York’s stylish and bustling summer community with a sweeping view of a fifty-acre nature preserve that feels like land’s end.

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A Cluster of Modern Cape Cod Style Cottages

Port Jefferson, NY   |   1900 Square Feet

This bold cluster of modern steep-roofed cape-styled cottages will sit atop a hundred-foot high bluff on Long Island Sound in a neighborhood of traditional homes.

The individual volumes are joined with a continuous flat roof, enabling each to maintain its individual identity. Under this roof, the protected full glass entry will explode with the view and open onto a larger deck upon entry,

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This Warmmodern Living custom design has been chosen for inclusion in the Lindal Elements catalog as a pre-planned design, the Ash 2660.

He Says…She says… A Celebrated Resolution

Duvall, WA  |  3200 Square Feet

He wanted a modern design and favored the Elements Carina 2620. She preferreda traditional exterior. The Common ground was the floor plan of the Carina 2620, built into the side of a hill with all of the adult living space on the ground level;  a full 600 square foot apartment over the garage to ensure full privacy for visiting kids and grandkids, and another with two-bedroom quest suite on the lower level.

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A Family Compound Completes a Challenging Site

Redmond, WA  |  2500 Square Feet

Clients with a mission to provide their live-at-home adult son independence and privacy …
A beautiful fully-wooded site with a north-facing slope…. how to bathe the interior with sunlight?...
A client who wants their site to remain wild except for a small yard and is concerned about making a natural transition from wild to manicured…

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A Modern Barn in the Hamptons

Southampton, NY   |   5000 Square Feet

Designed for a young family with frequent weekend guests, the design is reminiscent of the many barns that still populate the area's farms and vineyards. This modern barn wrapped in low maintenance steel with clear cedar gable ends and bump-outs, is linked to a garage/ guesthouse by an open breezeway, sheltering a large family pool from prevailing winds and neighbors views.

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See this home go from plan to completion!

A Seaside Artists’ Studio

Whidbey Island, WA   |   1500 Square Feet

Designed for a retired couple, both practicing artists and former educators, this one level retirement retreat is actually two opposing monolith structures linked by a flat glass entry/sculpture court. A third “client” was their wonderful collection of paintings, sculpture and art furniture.

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A Puget Sound Mod.Fab

Whidbey Island, WA   |   1400 Square Feet

A world away from its Sonoran Desert origins, this Taliesin Mod.Fab 800 has been modified to meet a rugged sloping site, which created an additional 500 square feet of economical daylight living space. The cedar-clad addition to the Mod.Fab 800 creates a covered entry stoop, a necessity in the Pacific Northwest, a master bedroom walk-in closet, and area for the stairway to the lower level.

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Environmental and lifestyle benefits overcome a challenging site by design

Brookhaven, NY   |   2500 Square Feet

The dream of this urban high-rise empty nester couple: a spacious home with ever-present views of the water, a private sleeping and chilling zone for their adult children, and easy access to both shaded and sunbathed outdoor spaces for entertaining family and guests.

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A Sundrenched Hillside Retreat with Three Stunning Views

Mendocino County, CA   |   2700 Square Feet

A retreat in stunning Andersen Valley, this home, sited near the crest of a south-facing hill will enjoy a long view of the Valley to the south, of the owners hazelnut grove to the east, and of a grassy swale with three manifestly gnarly 200 year old oaks to the west. 

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A Modern Family Home in a Traditional Neighborhood

Kirkland, WA   |   3800 Square Feet

Designed to replace an aging rambler on a beautifully landscaped quarter-acre site, this modern family home has been designed to ensure privacy from neighbors within a continually sunbathed interior. The exterior is respectfully finished with beveled cedar clapboards and native stone. 

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Treetop Living and Entertaining

Kirkland, WA   |   3700 Square Feet

Built into a steeply sloping in-town site, this design places all of the adult, family gathering, and entertaining and communal functions on the upper level – high in the treetops- and enables seamless access to a 400 square foot rooftop terrazzo through over forty feet of disappearing glass doors. The double height great room is purposefully bathed in natural light from dawn until dusk: the morning sun casts moving roof beam patterns; the midday sun reaches deep into the space; and the late afternoon sun is controlled by extended overhangs on the west elevation and the soaring treetops beyond.

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Siting a New Standard

Issaquah, WA   |   2700 Square Feet

Two seasoned professionals that travel for work frequently with two young children. A magnificent wooded building site with a south-facing view, backing up to a state forest.

The goal was to provide a new home for this young family, a home that will evolve as the children get older and can study, play, and sleep in a living zone more independent from their parents. The mission was to make the planning process as efficient as possible to make it possible, wedged in between travel and family time.

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This Warmmodern Living custom design has been chosen for inclusion in the Lindal Elements catalog as a pre-planned design, the Austrina 2765.

Two Views for Two Converging Ravines

Kirkland, WA   |   2500 Square Feet

A small patch of level ground at the convergence of two ravines becomes the welcoming entry courtyard enclosed by the L-shaped design and the only landscaped area on this shadowy site. Two spectacular views, one to the south from the floating entry and another to the west from every room in the free-flowing interior. Deep roof overhangs extend beyond parapet walls to shade the south and west elevations and to create havens from the elements at the entry and garage, covered deck. A gently sloping roof rises above the roofscape over the living room and den, drawing the eye up to the treetops in a view that began far below at the verdant forest floor.

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This Warmmodern Living custom design has been chosen for inclusion in the Lindal Elements catalog as a pre-planned design, the Polaris 2568.

With All Due Respect to a Twentieth Century Pacific Northwest Icon

San Juan Islands, WA   |   2200 Square Feet

Our client, a highly regarded Seattle architect, purchased a breathtaking island site with a long-abandoned Paul Kirk designed house for the owners of Camp Nor’wester. He invited Warmmodern Living to collaborate with him on the design of the renovation of the original post and beam house, elevated above the site and Sound on concrete piles and clad with cedar shakes and the design of two Lindal additions: a large studio suite and a two story office/ sleeping tower with sweeping views of Puget Sound to the south and west.

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A Montauk Retreat for a New York Fashion Designer

Montauk, NY   |   1700 Square Feet

Floating ten feet above the ground, a compact International Style retreat, clad in reflective steel and warm cedar, this weekend retreat features a wall of south-facing glass that will slide open to seaside views and a hidden roof deck, all within restrictive local size and height limitations.

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This Warmmodern Living custom design has been chosen for inclusion in the Lindal Elements catalog as a pre-planned design, the Park 1725.

Thoroughly Modern in a Traditional Setting

Kirkland, WA   |   2800 Square Feet

Replacing a tear-down in an older neighborhood, traditional gable roof forms take on a modern attitude with steel roofing that also wraps the sidewalls. Projecting volumes are finished with warm cedar. Modern too are the clipped overhangs to avoid infringing on the setbacks on this narrow lot.

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This Warmmodern Living custom design has been chosen for inclusion in the Lindal Elements catalog as a pre-planned design, the Columbia 2836.

Living Large with a Tiny Footprint

Mercer Island, WA   |   2900 Square Feet

Typical setbacks, a restricted steep slope, wetlands and stream running through the site allowed for only a 32’ x 37’ footprint. Three living levels, linked by a glass enclosed naturally lit stair tower and visually through floor spaces, this practical and flexible design considered many possibilities.

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A Cliffside Retreat Zoned for Privacy

San Juan Islands, WA   |   1300 Square Feet

Designed to provide private living zones for up to four family members or families in a modest sized home. The hub of this home is the open great room at its center with a shed roof that directs the eye down to the Puget Sound view far below and rises to create a private loft suite.

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This Warmmodern Living custom design has been chosen for inclusion in the Lindal Elements catalog as a pre-planned design, the Hawthorn 1320.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Stamford, CT   |   3900 Square Feet

One would think that designing for a 2.5 acre wooded lakeshore property would be easy. Not so in this case. Half of this site is in the lake’s flood plain. The terrain is extraordinarily steep (a challenge with the zoning height restriction) with magnificent outcroppings of ledge. The narrow building area is further restricted by 35 foot setbacks on each side, nearly half the width of the site. Throw in a swale running right down the middle of the site, carrying surface water down to the lake through much of the year.

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Lindal Cottage Weds Northwest Bungalow:
A Lindal Addition

Kirkland, WA   |   1300 Square Feet

A two story urban cottage is respectfully joined to a 40s bungalow design by a narrow gallery link where the house and addition are joined minimized the cost to demolish any of the existing home. Traditional roof forms, the use of board and batten siding combined with cedar clapboard complete the inviting exterior.  Inside, the upper level with soaring cedar lined roof, supported by massive laminated beams that span over thirty feet, and expansive walls of glass will become the family’s new great room. Bedrooms below make this an appealing complete cottage, one reason that several new clients are now personalizing this design for waterfront and mountainside weekend retreats.

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Other Projects, Modified from Standard Lindal Designs

Sitka, AK

A two-family retirement retreat and guesthouse on a private island that required all material deliveries by helicopter. Lindal Classics.

Preston, WA

A super-efficient Lindal Classic home for a young professional couple near Seattle

Montauk, NY

A modern seashore home designed to meet demanding post-Sandy environmental regulations.