Thoroughly Modern in a Traditional Setting

Kirkland, WA   |   2800 Square Feet

Replacing a tear-down in an older neighborhood, traditional gable roof forms take on a modern attitude with steel roofing that also wraps the sidewalls. Projecting volumes are finished with warm cedar. Modern too are the clipped overhangs to avoid infringing on the setbacks on this narrow lot. The garage, shifted to one side, creates a private side yard. On the interior, the privately zoned area above the garage, accessed through the main entry, was designed for repurposing with no modification, functioning first as a suite for aging parents, a future office suite, and finally the master suite when older children occupy the upper level of the main house alone.

This custom Warmmodern Living design has been selected for inclusion in the Lindal Elements design portfolio as the Columbia 2836. See pages 62-65 for the floor plans and other information on this popular design.