A Warm Modern Barn Raising in Southampton

Southampton, New York   |   Living area 5000 Square Feet, Garage 700 Square Feet, Basement 2000 Square Feet

The process of designing and building a one-of-a-kind home conventionally can take years.  Not so at Lindal and Warmmodern Living, where our modern planning process and building system make efficient use of time...and our clients' budgets.

Check out my iPhone pics and chronology of a 5,000 square foot, totally custom modern barn that Warmmodern Living designed and Lindal produced for a young Brooklyn family, completed a few weeks ago in Southampton, New York.

The planning and permitting process too a total of 4 months, and the construction, including installation of the pool and landscaping, took 7 months.  Rather remarkable for a house of this scale.

The time required to build a custom home is affected by a number of factors:  the builder's availability, local permitting times, and weather.  The Lindal building system consistently reduced planning and construction time.


See this home go from plan to completion!