“As we near completion of our extensive home remodeling and expansion project, the time has come to provide feedback about our experiences with Lindal Cedar Homes, and especially, our Lindal representative, Michael Harris. We have lived in a Lindal Cedar home for more than 40 years, having built the original house in 1975, and added on and remodeled in 1984.  The latest effort is designed with a large window walled solar room to support indoor gardening, a revised master bedroom and master bathroom suite with age in-place features such as a barrier free shower, and an elevator in lieu of changing the house layout to a single level.   

It is again clearly apparent just how beautiful the Lindal design and materials provided can be assembled into a truly special and beautiful home. It has been a complicated challenge to remodel twice and come up with a result that suits our needs is beautiful to behold. Michael deserves much of the credit in working closely with us to understand and determine our needs and apply his considerable architectural skills to get us to the point we are now.   Although we believe we had the requirements of  the remodeling in focus before we met our Dealer, our initial concept was a long way from being executable.  Had it been constructed as initially conceived, it would have paled in comparison to what we were able to achieve with the assistance and involvement of Michael Harris.    Lindal Cedar Homes remains an attractive choice for those who would want something special for their home, especially, if the customer is fortunate to have Michael Harris as their Lindal designer and planner.”

Michael and Brenda A.
East Lyme, CT